Our dancing shoes aren’t just for dry land, we will also have you rocking on the ocean.

The Pocket Rockers are no strangers to going on a cruise, and certainly enjoy life on board.

We are happy working within guidelines set out by your company and our professional attitude will make sure all your guests will be entertained.


We are used to working to strict schedules to make sure that the show advances on time and that changeovers are not delayed.

Professional Music Equiptment

We use quality equipment at each gig to put on the best show we can possibly provide.


We are very responsive to all communications and aim to reply as quick as possible. We try to be as detailed and helpful as possible with any paperwork and information that might be required by the organiser.

PAT Testing and PLI

We are fully PAT tested and can provide certificates on request. We also have Public Liability Insurance up to £5M.

Band Attire

We play in matching attire consisting of a grey waistcoat, orange tie, black trousers and orange converse.


The Pocket Rockers sound just as good playing through minimal equipment, so if space and setup time is at a premium the band can adapt to suit those needs.