“The Pocket Rockers were absolutely amazing at my 30th Birthday Party, played some great songs to get people dancing (and dancing in their chairs)! Very professional and almost everyone at the party said “WOW! The band are really good! Where did you find them?!” They really gave my party that something extra!” – Joey Marsh

It ain’t no party like a Pocket Rocking party, ‘Cause a Pocket Rocking party don’t stop!     – except at curfew

With multiple years of performing live music you can be assured we will have the dance floor shaking and the people moving. We will even learn a request for you free of charge to help make your party as fun as it can be.

Our standard service includes all the essentials you'll need for an amazing night of music. It's designed to minimise costs by including everything you'll need for a Party of up to 200 guests
*Song Requests required at least 2 months before your date
Arrive from 6:00pm, setup by 7.30pm
Perform two 60 minute or three 40 minute sets of live party music
1 song request during our performance*
Background music before and between sets
Finish by midnight
High Quality PA & Lighting provided
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Our Standard service includes the following:


All of our packages come with our standard lighting – this is enough lighting to fill the dance floor with colour.

Professional PA System

We use quality equipment at each gig to put on the best show we can possibly provide.

Band Attire

We play in matching attire consisting of a grey waistcoat, orange tie, black trousers and orange converse.

Ipod Facility Between Sets

We will provide carefully selected music playlists to keep the party atmosphere going while we are off stage. Or alternatively you can provide us with your own playlist.